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 She herself is a miracle of life, passing       along many confirmations regarding;  the one above, his care and giving, and life everlasting to those who believe.   ​The              book is beautifully designed, including a few photographs with proof regarding her experiences and others of her family. Her family also includes the famous Col. John Carson, whose friend included both Davy Cocked and other famous presidents of the past. 

This book is not just about her personal death experience, but about her mothers. Her Mom was so close to the divinity that she prayed for many miracles that came into realization. She also saw angels while she lived on this earth. 

This book is a shocking and candid memoir from the pit of gloom but with a glance of heaven. There are also messages from her beloved mother, who left a promise that after passing, she would come back and visit, which she fulfilled in five different ways. All of her visits were additional confirmation

Review- Motivational

This book helped me to understand the true meaning of faith and miracles.  She made it so easy to follow her every moment  in life and understand the purpose of faith. 

When this book was initially given out for personal feedback, many readers were genuinely shocked. No one defined it as a typical Christian autobiography about life, death, and heaven. The book has both a dark side regarding abuse and rape, with many stories that would make you cry, and others regarding death experiences that make the hairs on your arms stand on end. 

This book takes you from an average life of travel, church, and family to a handicapped that would typically experience both sorrow and despair. It shows you discouragement like it really is, which paves the way to vase miracles that ensue both joy and understanding. 

Along the way, you’ll read the heartfelt words with the gift of true love, all given from above. Many have predicted this book to be one of the next best-sellers, only because it takes you from life to death and back again. It provides detailed descriptions of every moment. 

Review- Life After Death

It really did answer all my questions regarding finding  the meaning in life, how to forgive yourself and others and what happens when you leave this life.  

Review- Inspirational

Amazing book with touching stories and beautiful messages about how much being connected to God really impacts our lives. Highly recommend!

Reader Review:

"I could not put the book down until it was completed. Enjoyed it." Mary S. 

"Many have predicted this book to be one of the next best-sellers, only because it takes you from life to death and back again."

​After three days of being in intensive care, and the doctors not knowing  my fate - whether I would live or die, I was diagnosed with permanent brain damage.  My brain cells had degenerated to about three-quarters of its original mass. With my mother by my side, I was told that I had to face facts; I would never work again. I was told I would never read, write, or perform an array of basic things done by any normal person. 

​They told me to learn to deal with the truth, no matter how overwhelming or difficult it was. You might conclude that this day would have been the worse day of my life, even worse than the day I was raped, or the day I was mentally abused in a hospital over being a husbandless mother, however, this day was just the opposite. This day changed the course of my life to become more than most could ever hope for.  I went from life to death and then back again, in just a span of two weeks, but this story is not about just one death experience though. ​

      This book is about rape, death, angels, heaven, and more miracles than many ever have the privilege of witnessing.  It is a life-changing story, a reality, with a multitude of amazing gifts.  Reality is defined as the quality and state of being true. The severity of my realities by most would never be considered joyful, but the truth is it is a precious gift that only a few have the opportunity of experiencing. This gift was given to me in this short earthly life we live before we find our destiny given based on our personal choices. All these realities give new definition, new meaning to the simple words; hope, love, faith, and life – both here and hereafter.  

Most people say they only believe what their eyes can see. If you only believe what the eye can see, then simply “use me” as a confirmation to the truth that THE SOUL NEVER DIES